Multinational Crackdown On PC Con Artists

Customer scams often cites that frauds are too good to be true; however, recent news claimed by regulators actually make them believable!It is said that PC makers, including Microsoft know what’s on your computer. On Wednesday, Fed Trade Commission claimed a multinational crackdown in which a caller makes customer believe that Microsoft or any other computer making brands has found that their personal computer has been infected with dangerous software. He becomes successful to get customers belief and then offers to solve the issue for certain price. The goal would at times let the perceived technology support firm gain some kind of access to personal computer, downloading required software.

Manhattan’s Fed district court has received six such cases, where 14 companies and 17 individuals, most of them from India have been involved in the operation, including some of the lawful-sounding names like Zeal IT Solutions and Virtual PC Solutions. The Fed district judge froze the US assets of the so-called suspects, by Fed commission’s request. It is also said that it had already closed 130 phone numbers and 80 Internet domain names in US that were used in this operation. Efforts to reach several of individuals and companies were unsuccessful.

Chairman of the Fed trade commission, Jon Leibowitz said that these tech support scams involved getting a PC user to look at a program, which is a standard part of Windows OS. The standard program, called as ‘Event Viewer’ that shows the logs of the OS events that can even carry the benevolent label, such as error or warning. The caller would indicate that those files are viruses that could crash the system, according to FTC. Mr Jon said this scheme was clearly to exploit to victim’s MO about malware hiding behind the screen.

Fed commission said that they’re unsuccessful to record the number of price of violations as many sufferers weren’t even aware that they are taken. The tech scam cheated English-speaking customers across the globe and that resulted in countless Do Not Call (DNC) violations worldwide, especially in US. Microsoft later provided sufficient details on its contacts with above thousands clients, who had told them that they completely believed those calls and nearly 400 people fell victim to scheme, with an average loss of $1700.

Joining US’s Fed Trade Commission in the enforcement action were Canadian Media Authority, Britain’s Crime Agency, and Australian Communications Commission’s

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