About MD

Media Darlings began as a group blog for up-and-coming journalists but is now basically a soapbox for me, Rory MacKinnon. I’m a political reporter from New Zealand now based in the UK with the Morning Star.

I’ve written for Scoop, Werewolf, The New Zealand Education ReviewThe Wairarapa Times-Age, the New Zealand Press Association and a bunch of student magazines. I’ve also appeared as a media commentator on Radio New Zealand’s MediaWatch, Radio Active’s Scoop Report and 95bfm’s Counterclockwise. Death threats and/or offers of employment accepted here.

Anyway, you can more or less stop reading now unless you want the boring legal bits.

Each author on Media Darlings asserts their right to be identified as the author of their posts in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Creative Commons License

Media Darlings‘ content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 2.0 UK: England & Wales License, based on a work at MediaDarlings.net.

Quotation or use of material from this blog and the RSS feed is on condition that:

  1. If it is for non-commercial use, the material is given an attribution to the individual author and to this blog and a link to this blog is made where possible.
  2. If it is for commercial use, or for use in a paid-for product, permission has previously been requested and obtained from the author. Permission should be requested by contacting the administrator.

2 Comments on “About MD”

  1. Brian Morris says:

    Congratulations on the significance and valuable contribution you made on MEDIAWATCH 23/5/10. Good raduio. Thank you.

    There has always been a gap between big media and the more lively student journalists and freelance writers. I’ve been encouraging our graduates (and students) to make contributions also.

    I’ll advise them of MEDIADARLINGS.NET so expect some comments and contributions.
    Brian Morris
    New Zealand Institute of Business Studies

  2. yer ma says:

    hi rory its great to read your blog. mum.

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